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Hsieh, Hope 177027.jpg


Hope is a senior at HW. She joined HW Inc. as a freshman and has been a co-lead since her junior year (along with Ava Weinrot). Her personal passion lies in art: she makes sculptures based on little animals and doodles on her class notes all the time. Inside the classroom, Hope enjoys discussions about history, English readings, and asking the question of “what if?”. She also really enjoys talking about branding and user interfaces, so she could talk about rounded corners for hours. 

Weinrot, Ava 176548.jpg


Ava Weinrot is a senior at Harvard-Westlake. She has been on the Inc. team since her freshman year of high school and has been co-lead (along with Hope Hsieh) since  her junior year. Outside of entrepreneurship, her other interests include fashion, European history, computer science, creative writing, and French. She loves to hike, go to the beach, try new restaurants, watch Formula 1 (go Ferrari!) and travel with her family. Her favorite color is emerald green, and she adores Susie Cakes (especially their chocolate layer cake). 

Pulaski, Samuel Jacob 189173.jpg


Sam is a junior at HW and has been participating in Inc since seventh grade. It’s his first year on the Inc team! He also participates in track and field, mock trial, and loves computer science. Sam loves watching movies and listening to music; he racked up over 125,000 minutes on Spotify in 2022 and watched over 100 films (The Godfather and Baby Driver are his favorites). He loves public speaking and leadership and wants to run a business himself. Sam believes HW Inc has taught him the best entrepreneurship skills and wants to pass it on! 

Tiu, Isaac Caleb 210899.jpg


Isaac is a junior at Harvard-Westlake, and joined the HW Inc. team when he was a sophomore. He is a part of the theater program and participated in musicals, plays, Playwrights Festival, peer support, and clubs such as HWOP and Cadence for a Cause. He is a member of Chamber Singers, Jazz singers, and the Pasadena Youth Symphony Philharmonic. He loves public speaking, student ambassadorship, and HW Inc.

Rosenfeld, Tess Opal 208800.jpg


Tess is a sophomore at HW, and has been on the HW Inc. team since her freshman year. She particularly enjoys her history and French classes, is involved in the HW Dance program and HW Speech team, and is a Human Rights Watch Student Task Force leader. She is also a Harvard-Westlake Student Ambassador. In her free time, Tess enjoys playing with her puppy, baking, and traveling.

Malhotra, Tehmina Radha 206998.jpg


Tehmina is a freshman at HW and is new to the Inc. team. She especially enjoys her art classes at HW and is very passionate about drawing, painting, and photography. She also loves animals and spends some of her weekends at the animal shelter. She enjoys playing piano and rewatching every episode of Friends and Modern Family. Lastly, she is super excited for the new year of Inc.!

Ko, Matthew 179337.jpg


Matthew is a senior at HW. He joined the HW Inc. team when he was a freshman. He is on the robotics team and in Chamber Singers. He likes performing music for hospitals and  convalescent homes, and programming outside of school. He also plays League of Legends as well as Valorant, and watches some anime.

Malhotra, Rustom Jehangir 186743.jpg


Rustom is a junior at Harvard-Westlake, and has been on the HW Inc. team since he was a freshman. He enjoys co-leading Founders Support and participating in Venture Leadership. Rustom is also on a competitive rock climbing team outside of school. In his free time, Rustom loves to boulder outdoors, play the piano, and write poetry.

Ramberg, Grady C 186632.jpg


Grady Ramberg is a junior at Harvard-Westlake, and has been on the HW Inc. team since his freshman year of high school. Outside of inc, he is on the HW Venture team, participates in Cross-Country and Track & Field, and plays bassoon in symphony. He enjoys computer science, watching Formula 1 (go Red Bull!), running, and hanging out with friends.

Vartany, Eric 189080.jpg


Eric is a junior at Harvard-Westlake, and has been on the HW Inc. team since his sophomore year. In addition to being on the HW Inc. team, he is the Associate Finance Lead for HW Venture. Eric plays the alto saxophone in the Harvard-Westlake Jazz Band. He also co-leads the Chess Club, Ping Pong Club, and the Armenian Club. Eric enjoys playing the piano and the duduk (a traditional Armenian instrument), is a die hard Manchester United fan, plays tennis, and loves talking about all things Armenia.

Zhang, Amber 218774.png


Amber is a sophomore at HW and has been part of the HW Inc. team since she was a freshman. She is a Student Ambassador, a part of the HW World Schools Debate team, and in the Bel Canto choir.  She is learning Latin, and writes articles for the Chronicle.  In her free time, Amber loves to read, play the violin, amd bake.  

Martin, Connor Luc 207322.jpg


Connor is a freshman at HW. He has a passion for finance and entrepreneurship. Connor has studied finance at Cambridge University, as well as being on the HW Inc team. Outside of that, Connor is an Eagle Scout and plays tennis on the Harvard Westlake JV team.

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