Alex is a senior at HW. He is part of Chamber singers, the track and field team, HW Venture, and loves to act in theater. Outside of school Alex likes to play basketball, compete in speech tournaments, and is an Eagle Scout.



Emma Limor is a senior at HW. She has held many administrative positions at some of LA's most prominent non-profits. She is a paid motivational speaker and disabled rights activist working at the NGO and government levels to advocate for change. She loves politics and philosophy and spends the bulk of her free time learning about different theories and applications of them.



Hope is a sophomore at HW. She is part of the track and debate teams. While not the best at math, Hope really enjoys playing with numbers. Her hobbies include creative writing and art.


Matthew Ko

Matthew is a sophomore at HW. He is on the robotics team and in the Wolverines chorus. He likes performing music for community service and programming outside of school. He also plays League of Legends as well as Valorant, and watches some anime.

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Maya Mathur

Maya is a junior at HW. At school, she is a part of the Technical Theater program. She is also a leader of the Environmental Club, which raises awareness about environmental issues and sustainability in the school community. During her free time, Maya loves playing tennis and going on walks with her dogs.


Rustom Malhotra

Rustom is a freshman at HW. In school, he co-leads the middle school Venture club and the Virus and Pandemic Origins Research (VAPOR) club. He participates in track and field, as well as the peer mediation program. In his free time, Rustom enjoys reading, playing the piano, tennis, and bouldering, a form of rock climbing performed without a harness.



Will Farhat is a senior at HW. At school, he designs robots for team 62K, acts in the Playwrights Festival, and performs for the Jackanapes improv troupe. He is also the president of HW Game Design and the school’s JSA chapter. Outside of school, Will is an Eagle Scout and develops video games.



Jacky Zhang is a senior at HW. He co-leads HW Venture and is the head of the consulting program. In addition, he is also one of the organizers of Hack HW and a member of the Harvard-Westlake Science Bowl Team. During his free time, Jacky loves to travel, shoot arrows and explore the field of aviation.


Ava Weinrot

Ava is a sophomore at HW. She is involved with HW Venture and is a member of the cross-country team. She is involved with the organization Best Buddies serving as a HW Best Buddies chapter club leader and is a 2020 Champion of the Year nominee for the organization. She also serves on Representative Ted Lieu’s Youth Advisory Council, the Holocaust Museum of Los Angeles’s Teen Board and is a part of a Teen Readers Book Council. She volunteers frequently at the Ocean Park Community Center, helping to make lunches for the homeless population of Santa Monica. Her hobbies include creative writing, skiing, cooking and hanging out with her friends.


Carina Villalona

Carina is a junior at HW. She is a member of the debate team and is involved with HW Venture, the Stonecutters Literary Magazine, the Westflix student film festival, the Playwrights Festival, the HW Student Alumni Association, and the Bring Change to Mind Club. Her hobbies include creative writing, traveling, researching psychology, playing with her dog, and watching films and anime.


Grady Ramberg

Grady is a freshman at HW. He co-runs the MS Venture Club, is part of the Track and Field Team, and plays bassoon in the MS Symphony. Grady is also part of the math club, MS Robotics club, Cadence for a Cause, and the Red Cross Club. Outside of school, Grady enjoys engineering, aviation, programming, and running.

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Kathryn Lin

Kathryn is a junior at HW. She is part of the HW Spirit team and runs the HW fashion club at Harvard westlake. She donates handmade face-masks to the less fortunate, likes to help at the North Hollywood Interface Food Pantry, and is part of IGNIA where she teaches english to children from different countries. In her free time, she likes sewing, photography, gymnastics, and traveling.