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Seniors '24

Tiu, Isaac Caleb 210899_edited.jpg

Isaac Tiu

Isaac has been on the Inc. team since his sophomore year, and he is this year’s co-lead (alongside Eric Vartany). Though entrepreneurship is his personality and lifestyle, he also leads the HW Jazz Singers, leads the basses of Chamber Singers, and is in the Pasadena Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. He is a peer support leader, and is a Scene Monkey (Improv!). And, you’ll never guess, he does theater, too. Outside of that, he is an avid lover of green dinosaurs, the bagels in the cafeteria, and can’t seem to get anything from Starbucks other than a Mocha Cookie Crumble. For Isaac, (almost) every day is PJ day.

Pulaski, Samuel Jacob 189173_edited_edited.jpg

Sam Pulaski

Sam has been involved with Inc. since he was in eighth grade!  Last year, Sam launched an app called Depicto that utilizes artificial intelligence and image creation. Besides business, Sam is deeply invested in computer science and loves watching movies and listening to music. He’s a peer support leader at school and leads the ultimate frisbee club. Sam is actually goated with the sauce so if there is anything you need done - he’s your guy!

Vartany, Eric 189080_edited.jpg

Eric Vartany

Eric has been involved with Inc. since 2019, and is excited to bring change to the program as a co-lead (alongside Isaac Tiu). When Eric isn’t dressing up for HW Inc. in a pirate costume or fighting in a moat with Rustom Malhotra, he loves to play musical instruments. Lately he’s been focusing on some exotic Armenian instrument called the duduk, but you can also hear him play the alto saxophone in the Explorers Jazz Combo. If you’re ready for battle, Eric is always ready to challenge you in a chess match, as long as it’s not early morning on Saturday…because Eric is likely screaming his heart out watching a Manchester United soccer game (who most likely are losing 3-0 to a team no one has heard of).

Ramberg, Grady C 186632_edited_edited.jpg

Grady Ramberg

Grady has been on the Inc. team since his freshman year. When not at Inc., Grady also leads HW Hackathon and enjoys robotics, computer science, rock climbing, and engineering. He also loves playing bassoon (the best double-reeded instrument) in Symphony. Over the weekend, you can always find him watching the F1 race, cheering for Lando Norris and McLaren (who never seem to win). You can also find him 3D-printing and playing video games.

Malhotra, Rustom Jehangir 186743_edited.jpg

Rustom Malhotra

Rustom has been on the Inc. team since his freshman year. In school, he co-leads the HW Incubator and Venture programs. Outside of school, he enjoys tutoring students in the humanities, as well as participating on a competitive climbing team. You’ll find Rustom exploring biology, anthropology, Latin poetry, and the outdoors every chance he gets.

Juniors '25

Rosenfeld, Tess Opal 208800_edited.jpg

Tess Rosenfeld

Tess has been on the Inc. team since her freshman year. When she is not busy coming up with (sometimes unattainable) ambitious ideas for the program in team meetings, Tess runs HW's chapter of Human Rights Watch, leads the school's history peer tutoring program, and competes on HW's Speech Team. She can also be found in the language building learning French or Mandarin Chinese (which she began learning when she studied abroad in Taiwan with the State Department this summer.) She loves to dance, cook, and spend time with her family and friends. Tess is an iced chai tea connoisseur and also loves mint chip ice cream.

Wetzstein, Mason 196875_edited.jpg

Mason Wetzstein

Mason joined the Inc. team as a junior in 2023. He is motivated to help groups apply modern technology to hardware solutions, and ground pitches with increased real world data. He draws from his successful experiences in three similar business presentation competitions to help participants navigate the HW Inc. format. Mason has a passion for sports and plays baseball at Harvard-Westlake, which has led him to break five separate fingers. During COVID, Mason started a business that he struggles daily to keep up with, given his steadily dwindling amount of free time. He would love to spend more time golfing or doing pottery, but often gets trapped watching football while he packages box after box.

Zhang, Amber 218774_edited.jpg

Amber Zhang

Amber has been on the Inc. team since her freshman year.  She enjoys singing as a member of the Bel Canto choir, as well as debating as a member of the HW World Schools Debate team.   She occasionally writes articles for the school newspaper, the Chronicle, is an avid Latin learner, and loves her biology classes.   Amber enjoys baking to varying degrees of success, traveling to new places, listening to music, or trying to play it on the violin.   On the weekends, you can probably catch her reading a new book or rewatching her favorite shows.

Sophomores '26

Martin, Connor Luc 207322_edited.jpg

Connor Martin

Connor has been on the Inc. team since his freshman year. When not at Inc., Connor enjoys reading, tennis, surfing, cooking, and spending time with his friends. He also has a passion for mixed martial arts, which he pursues for fun during his free time. During the summer, Connor loves to travel. He spends most of his summer in Europe, often staying in France for a couple of weeks, where some of his family lives. He is very excited to be a part of the Inc team this year!

Freshmen '27

Elson, Aidan 217197_edited.jpg

Aidan Elson

Aidan joined the Inc. team as a freshman in 2023, having participated the two years prior. Aidan is interested in the entrepreneurial world, co-leading both Harvard Westlake Middle School Venture and NextGen. In his free time, he enjoys exploring outdoors by bike, foot, and ski. He also loves to play tennis. Aidan is especially keen on the technological world, whether that be electric cars or artificial intelligence, and he is excited for what the future will bring.

Sandman, Benjamin Thomas 236109_edited.jpg

Ben Sandman

Ben joined the Inc. team as a freshman in 2023. While he has a strong interest in entrepreneurship and business, he is also a part of HW Athletics, including Football and Lacrosse. He is a beach time advocate and an avid bagel lover. While at home, Ben listens to Spotify and takes showers that are too long. He spends his Sundays yelling at football games and playing Fortnite. He is very excited to be a part of the Inc Team!

Kirman, Elle 207631_edited.jpg

Elle Kirman

Elle joined the Inc. team as a freshman in 2023. Some of Elle's hobbies include surfing, hiking, baking, reading, and running. Her favorite book changes constantly, but her favorite thing to bake is cookies. Elle's favorite subject is History. Most weekends you can find Elle on a run, hanging out with friends, or baking a new recipe. Elle is a Tottingham fan, but she also likes Manchester City. Elle's favorite color is green, and her favorite dinner is pasta.

Kleeman, Katherine Julia 217389_edited.jpg

Kate Kleeman

Kate joined the Inc. team as a freshman in 2023. Kate's main hobbies include running on the cross-country and track teams and playing guitar in her band and in school. She loves listening to different genres of music and exploring new artists; one of her favorites being Muse. Kate likes seeing different places, whether it is traveling to Australia to visit her family or going to the beach with her mother and brother on the weekends. Kate's favorite colors are green and maroon (but not when they're next to each other) and she adores mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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